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IDRC History
The Software Shootout has been a staple of the IDRC. It is a competition amongst participants of the conference that aims at determining the person who developed the best model and obtained the lowest prediction error for a particular problem. Every IDRC, a new challenge is proposed to participants.
The 2014 Software shootout will be quite different from the previous shootouts. Two competitions will take place during this year’s conference: as usual, a dataset is now available for download and completion at home or office (predictions for the independent validation set are expected to be sent to the shootout committee prior to the beginning of the conference); and for the first time, an on-site competition will take place during the conference.
For these reasons, the traditional shootout will consist of two datasets with one parameter each. The intent is to reduce the presentation time to 10 min per participant (this can be adjusted based on the number of participants) and include a 1h on-site competition.
The Wednesday afternoon will take place as follows. After the newcomer’s session (1:30 to 3:00 pm), participants of the on-site shootout will be gathered in a room equipped with power strips. From 3:15 to 4:15 pm, on-site shootout participants will compete to generate the best model for two parameters. From 4:30 to 5:45pm, the traditional shootout presentations will take place. Note that on-site shootout participants will not be asked to present their methodology.
While the traditional shootout will reward the top 3 participants, the on-site shootout will have a winner takes all approach for post-doc and professionals, but still reward the top 3 students (graduate and undergraduate). We hope this format will push students to participate more than in previous conferences.
Click here for more information about the traditional shootout (access to data, rules)
Details for the on-site shootout can be found here.

This is a competition and prizes will be awarded as follows:

IDRC traditional shootout:
   1st: $75
   2nd: $50
   3rd: $25

IDRC on-site shootout:
   Graduate students
   1st: Solo standalone chemometrics software (Eigenvector Research) with a license for one year. The license is renewable via subscription after one year
   2nd: $75
   3rd: $50

   Post-doc and professionals
   1st: Solo standalone chemometrics software (Eigenvector Research) that times out after one year
   2nd: $75
   3rd:: $50

Anyone with questions is encouraged to contact the IDRC Shootout chair (Dr. Benoit Igne) via email.
Thanks to JDSU for their assistance with the onsite shootout.JDSU
CNIRS members can access previous years shootout data here.