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Onsite Software Shootout
This year’s IDRC will feature a new type of shootout. Participants will be invited to bring their laptop and compete during a one hour session. Power strips will be available. Participants will be evaluated on the prediction performance of their model on an independent test set, nothing else. Two parameters will be provided and participants will need to develop a model for both. Reference values for the two parameters will be available for the calibration set but not for the independent test set. Note that there will only be two sets of data available: calibration and independent test sets.
We realize that working with two parameters in one hour is difficult. However, this is what separates the best from the rest: an ability to come prepared and have a methodology in mind. The spectral dataset is the same for both parameters. There will be 40 spectra in calibration and 15 in test. It is not aimed at being a difficult modeling exercise.
The data will come in the following format:
- Excel

More data formats are available upon request, at least 1 week before the shootout. All requests are to be sent to
The data will be stored on USB drives and distributed 5 min before the beginning of the competition. Information about the nature of the data will be provided at the start.
Please indicate at least one week before the shootout if you are considering participating to the event by contacting us at
We hope you enjoy this new format and we welcome your feedback.