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We hope all conferees will consider presenting their research in a poster. Poster-boards will be setup in the Exhibition Hall and on display during the entire conference.  Update - you can see a list of the current poster titles and abstracts here.


Awards will be presented at the conference's closing banquet for the best posters by students and professionals.  All the conferees can vote in both categories.  


The spirit of the conference is to encourage active, open dialog in the community.  In that spirit, neither posters, oral presentations, nor abstracts will be published by the IDRC or CNIRS.  Summary information provided by authors will be available at the conference in a handout.  Of course, authors are free to publish elsewhere as they choose. 


If you plan to display a poster, please notify the Poster Chairman, David Semmes,, by July 15, 2016.  Later notifications will be accepted.  Please include the poster title, authors, author affiliation, whether senior researcher or student, and a short, 50-100 word description of the research.  The maximum poster size is 120 cm X 120 cm.

Poster Winners




Honorable Mentions:


Henry Zhao of Duquesne University for "Development of feedforward controller for tableting incorporating NIR and Raman Spectra"


Douglas Steinbach of Duquesne University for "Robust Latent Variable Selection for Multiple Instrument Calibration Applications"


Ray Belliveau of University of South Carolina for " Ridge Patterns of Blood-Transferred Simulated Fingerprints Observed on Fabrics via Mid-Infrared Laser Reflectance Imaging"


4th Place - Anik Alam of Duquesne University for " Selecting PLS Model Components to Develop Robust NIR Method for Quantitative Analysis " and " Designing a Calibration Set in Spectral Space for Efficient NIR Calibration Development of Tablets Containing Multiple APIs "


3rd Place - Tine Ringsted of University of Copenhagen for "2D NIR-MIR correlation spectroscopy - A useful tool to augment the interpretation of NIR spectra"


2nd Place - Nayeem Hossain of Duquesne University for " Development of an Efficient Robust Calibration Model of Process Analytical Systems by Incorporating Variations of Pure Components: A Pharmaceutical Tablet Assay Example"


1st Place - Natasha Velez of Duquesne University for "Blend uniformity assessment based on the simultaneous characterization of chemical composition and physical variability of a multi-grade component formulation matrix by NIR spectroscopy"




Honorable Mentions:


Herman Vedder of SoilCares Research for "Towards a low-cost portable spectrometer for determining soil fertility"


Bert Siemens of Canadian Grain Commission for "Rapid determination of protein in whole seed common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) by near infrared spectroscopy"


Søren Balling Engelsen of University of Copenhagen for "Near-infrared spectroscopy using a supercontinuum laser - Application to long-wavelength transmission spectra of barley seeds"


2nd Place - Vanessa Cárdenas of University of Puerto Rico for "Efficiency of process spectrum methodology for preparing the calibration set in NIR pharmaceuticals quality control analysis. An innovative tool for process analytical technology"


1st Place - Sameer Talwar of GlaxoSmithKline " Utilizing Parallel Factor Analysis (PARAFAC) to Qualitatively Characterize Cell Culture Growth Media using Excitation-Emission Matrix (EEM) Fluorescence Spectroscopy "