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Two competitions will take place during this year’s conference.  A traditional shootout: as usual, a dataset will be available for download and completion at home or office (predictions for the independent validation set are expected to be sent to the shootout committee prior to the beginning of the conference); and an on-site competition will also take place during the conference.

The Wednesday afternoon will take place as follows. Participants of the on-site shootout will be gathered in the auditorium. During 1h, on-site shootout participants will compete to generate the best model for two parameters. After a break, the traditional shootout presentations will take place. Note that on-site shootout participants will not be asked to present their methodology.

While the traditional shootout will reward the top 3 participants, the on-site shootout will have a winner takes all approach for post-doc and professionals, but still reward the top 3 students (graduate and undergraduate). We hope this format will push students to participate more than in previous conferences.

All requests are to be sent to

We hope you enjoy this new format and we welcome your feedback.
Posted 05-Aug-2016
Traditional shootout results: The presentations is available here: IDRC 2016 Shootout (traditional)
  • First Place: Ali Gahkani
    Second Place: Dongsheng Bu
    Third Place: Pierre Dardenne
On-site shootout results: The complete dataset is available here: Shootout Data (complete)
  • Students:
    First Place: Hanzhou Feng
    Second Place: Yuxiang Zhao
    Third Place: Anik Alam
  • Professional (winner takes all):
    Ali Gahkani