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As exhibit chairman, on behalf of the organizing committee and in accordance with our tradition, we invite the spectroscopists of the world to assemble in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania to attend the Nineteenth International Diffuse Reflectance Conference (IDRC).

THE CONFERENCE: The IDRC, which usually attracts 100~150 international scientists and has for many years served as the biannual Near Infrared Analysis conference, is now expanding its scope. It’s maintaining its role in NIR but is also “going back to the roots” of diffuse reflection spectroscopy in any spectral region. The conference is held at Wilson College in Chambersburg, PA, giving it the nickname: the "Chambersburg Conference”. The attendees are very interested in spectroscopy and diffuse reflectance, and the small size of the conference allows intimate interaction between exhibitors and other conferees. Past exhibitors have given us feedback that contacts made at IDRC have resulted in appreciable increases in business and have otherwise expressed their satisfaction with the conference. This is also a premier opportunity for businesses to recruit top talent in the field.

EXHIBITING: Exhibitor registration includes space in the exhibit hall, a 2-meter table and conference registration for one exhibitor. The registration fee also includes a room in the college dormitories and meals in the college cafeteria for the exhibitor representative, allows the representative to speak at the “Exhibitor’s forum” (and formally present your company and products to entire conference, in addition to the informal discussions you have). It also allows you to have a link to your website posted on the conference website; this link will be maintained for at least 1 year after the conference.

We have two special announcements for prospective exhibitors:


A) The organizing committee is seeking new benefits that we can offer the exhibitors, beyond the current major benefits listed above: the opportunity to exhibit, a copy of the contact list of attendees and the opportunity to make a presentation on “Exhibit night”. To this end, we seek input from prospective exhibitors, as to what new benefits, major or minor, they would like to receive from attending and exhibiting at the conference, especially new benefits that would persuade them to attend the conference.


B) Exhibitor fees:

Early Exhibitor Registration (before May 1): $1100

Regular Exhibitor Registration (after May 1): $1200

We are not offering any further discounts for earlier deposits.

Exhibitor fees are also posted in the Registration area of the website.

Of course, we all recognize that expenses continually increase while everyone would like to pay less, so the finance committee will be trying to see what can be done. If anyone knows of (legal!) financial maneuvers that can help us reduce the expenses of the conference, please consider them as falling under the umbrella of item 1) above and let us know about them, along with any other benefits you would like to receive from attending the 2018 IDRC.


SPONSORSHIPS: Additionally, exhibitors will be contributing directly to the future of our field, in that a portion of the registration fee will be used to sponsor a graduate student attending the conference. Exhibitors may also sponsor additional students. Student sponsorships can be for any amount, but we encourage Bronze ($1500 for sponsorship of 2 students), Silver ($2000 for sponsorship of 3 students) or Gold ($2500 for sponsorship of 5 students) sponsorships. You may sponsor a student of your choice, or allow the conference organizers to select worthy students. Student sponsors will get recognition for their support.


We also invite all exhibitors to sponsor conference souvenirs and activities (refreshment breaks, etc). Please contact Charles Hurburgh, the conference chairman (, to sponsor one or more students, a souvenir or an activity.