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International Diffuse Reflectance Conference (IDRC)
July 30 - August 5, 2016

Sunday Evening, July 29, Science Center Auditorium
8:30 PM Some considerations about near-infrared applications  (pdf)
Pierre Dardenne
9:00 PM What would be the Composition a Flowing Powder if it is Analyzed Again? (pdf)
Rodolfo Romanach
Monday Morning July 30, Science Center Auditorium
8:30 AM Multipoint NIR spectroscopy for online real-time industrial applications (pdf)
Sylvie Roussel
9:30 AM Chemometrics and standardization requirements for both transmission and reflection measurements (pdf)
Jerome Workman
10:30 AM Celebrating 20th Anniversary of NIR Spectroscopy at University of Innsbruck (Austria): Contributions to material-, bio-, medicinal plant- and food analysis (pdf)
Christian Huck
Tuesday Morning, July 31, Science Center Auditorium
8:30 AM Maintaining Control in Quality Control: Problem Solving Common Mistakes and Misconceptions in Food Manufacturing NIR Networks (pdf)
Carly Isaak
9:00 AM Balancing a Regulatory and Direct Service Network (pdf)
Cathy Brenner
9:30 AM When Doing It The Right Way Doesn't Work
F. E. Barton, D. E. Akin and J.A. de Haseth
10:30 AM Establishing a NIR Center of Excellence: A Solution for Successful Management of Multiple Instruments and Programs (pdf) 
Anitra Payne
11:00 AM Calibration Practices Beyond 50 Samples (pdf) 
David Honigs
11:30 AM ICNIRS 2019 (pdf)
Woody Barton
Tuesday Evening, July 31, Science Center Auditorium
8:00 PM Holistic research of diffusely reflected light in cellulosic materials (pdf) 
Satoru Tsuchikawa
Wednesday Morning, August 1, Science Center Auditorium
8:00 AM Insights into the total anitoxidative capacities of different cultivars of gluten-free grains using benchtop and handheld NIR spectroscopy (pdf)
Verena Wiedemair
8:30 AM Prediction of bean plants pathologies, and geographical origin by using NIRS and chemometrics (pdf) 
Jordi Cruz
9:00 AM Accurate and reproducible spectra of diluted solutions (pdf)
Dusan Kojic
9:30 AM Improving On-line Monitoring of Tablet Coating Process with Terahertz Pulsed Imaging Based Near-Infrared Coating Thickness Models (pdf) 
Shikhar Mohan
10:30 AM Using hyperspectral imaging for prediction of whole cocoa bean composition (pdf)
Nicola Caporaso
11:00 AM Use of a NIR mini spectrometer for polyamides discrimination on a production unit by PLS-DA (pdf) 
Perrine Hebert
11:30 AM Orchard vis/NIR scanning of apples: Moving to non-destructive determination of fruit ripening and quality parameters (pdf)
Konni Biegert
Wednesday Evening, August 1, Dining Hall
6:00 PM The Making of a Consultant (pdf) 
Dr. Emil Ciurczak
Thursday Morning, August 2, Science Center Auditorium
8:00 AM Bringing Hyperspectral Imaging into the Mainstream (pdf) 
Richard Zacaroli
8:30 AM Examining Water Stress in a Vineyard Using Hyperspectral Imagery Collected from a UAV (pdf)
Sean Hurley
9:00 AM Hyperspectral Imaging Cubesat Initiative
Abraham Matthew
9:30 AM Airbus Zephyr High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (HAPS) UAS for Remote Sensing Applications (pdf) 
Tracey Goetz
10:30 AM A Compact Visible to Extended-SWIR Hyperspectral Sensor for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) (pdf)
Bridget Tannian
11:00 AM The Multivariate Optical Element Platform, a Promising Technology for Next Generation Hyperspectral Imaging Systems (pdf) 
Ryan Priore